Love & Lattes

This month has been full of all sorts of lovely things. Strong lattes, a new place, bridal showers, girls weekends falling leaves and an upcoming anniversary! Times sure does fly. Don't you just love moving into a new place? It seems to be so fresh with new possibilities and I'm loving puzzling together all my furniture and making this new house a home. I'll be posting pictures soon of the new decor! x

A Peek Into Our New Place!

My husband and I are moving about 7 miles from downtown Chicago and I am in l-o-v-e with our new digs! It's very "Chicago-style" vintage, hardwood flooring throughout and is the top floor of a 3-flat building. It will be such a great design project for me and I cannot wait to get started. Would love your design ideas for my main living room! xx

Style Spotlight: My Brother, Daniel Bateman

It's my little brothers birthday today so I thought it would be apropos to do a post on his man-style, as of course it runs in the family. ;) He recently graduated college (so proud!) and has started making a name for himself in the world of business. He has a casual cool sense of style and just the right amount of confidence that he is approachable, yet commands attention in just about any room you can put him in. He's such an incredible person and has an amazing heart, I'm so blessed to be his sister. It really doesn't matter what he's wearing because he is being super funny, charming, handsome, brag, brag, brag...and I know what you're thinking, but sorry, ladies, he's taken!

Photos by Alexandria Rand

Here's to you, my not-so-little anymore brother. loves! xoxoxoxoxo

Robby's Birthday Surprise

I married a man that absolutely loves surprises, so for his 29th Birthday I knew I wanted to do something that would make him wake up with a big smile on his face. Balloons are always great for celebrations so I picked out all the colors I could find and bought some gift wrapping ribbon. My initial idea was to use a helium tank to make it so that the balloons would float around the room with little notes on the end of them. But I was pressed for time so I decided to hang them from the ceiling instead which I think came out even more magical!

My lungs were on the verge of collapse after spending hours blowing all of these up myself but it was so worth it, Robby loved it and we ended up spending hours just laying there staring up at the colorfulness of our bedroom ceiling, watching them sway from the breeze coming though the window. It was perfect. Happy birthday, my darling!

Meet Miss Dolce!

Meet our new addition! Our very first puppy, Dolce Vita, it means "Sweet Life" in Italian. She is little toy Pomeranian and is 1.8 pounds of fluff! 
Uh oh, looks like she likes handbags as much as I do..
Daddy's gift to Dolce, a "Sniffany & Co." pillow. 
Ugh, adorbs!
Duchess Dolce. 
Checking out some flowers I bought her at the farmers market to welcome her home.
She's outdoorsy in the way that she likes to sit and look cute on the deck. 

Going for a walk in the neighborhood.
Must. Stay. Awake...ok I give up.

She melts my heart! xx