Chic Fashion Tips to Try Now

For the most part, I don't follow trends, I go with what I like and what works for me and get inspiration from what I see on the runways. The trends I do adore are the ones that follow some simple guidelines each season: it adds some posh pizazz to the wardrobe essentials I already own, looks great with everything from a casual blazer to a killer cocktail dress, and there are cool versions available at every price point. Here are some "trends" I'm trying now and some easy ways to update your look!

Tousled Tresses - Leave the perfect curls to the pageant girls. Use a texturizer when you get out of the shower, blow dry straight, mess it up a bit and spray for volume. It's airy, its light and it's effortlessly chic. 

Let the Hems Roll - messy or neat, what originated amongst trendy Londoners has made its way to the states...and I'm totally loving it. Cropped pants are just meh, but rolling up your trousers gives a blast from the past intentionally disheveled look. Sometimes I try it with my snore bore straight-leg work pants and love how it updates the look and shows off strappy heels.

The Denim Darling - Full denim button-up shirts, cheeky little jackets and even denim on denim (gasp!). Just be sure to keep the silhouette clean and rock it out with some statement sunnies.

Be A Shady Lady—A ventilated hat is pretty important if you don't want to end up seeing spots for weeks and getting...*shudder*...scalp burn. Give your old straw hat an update with some novel trimming around the crown, like a vintage rhinestone necklace or some cool old ribbon or do like Lanvin and purposefully fray the edges.

Link Up - Gold or neon chains, whether they're bright and bulky or full and fierce, this chunky choker is totally transitional. I'd recommend putting on at least one - or several- a day. 

Stack It like You Mean It - Thoughtfully accessorize by piling on an interesting mix of bold bracelets and watches. And yes, pile the glam on both wrists, but make sure that they aren't mirror images, it takes away the interest. Asymmetry is key.
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Denim: GAP
Jewelry: Express
Watch: Merona
Shirt: Forever 21
Hat: AKIRA Chicago
Heels: H&M
Handbag: Banana Republic
Photography: Nicole Schneider

What trends are you trying right now? I'd love to hear your tips! xoxo Mimi

Poppy in Pink

My grandmother's j'amazing pink aligator (!) shoes, a great scarf, the perfect skirt and a sunny day. I love pairing simple pieces together in new combinations, don't you? As the one and only Coco Chanel once said, fashion is architecture. It's a matter of proportions. ♥


Scarf: United Colors of Benetton
 Skirt: H&M
Blouse: The Limited
Sunnies: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Vintage Pink Alligator!
Handbag: Chanel
Accessories: Randoms :)
Photography: Nicole Schneider 
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xoxo Mimi

Attempts at Domesticality: The Spring Commandments

Spring is here and sometimes instead of just your normal Spring cleaning, it's nice to have some fresh ideas for the home. Here are some of the ideas I'll be planning, I hope you can pull some tips as well!

1. Thou shalt be a good little hostess. Over the summer, it seems like we have guests over just about every other weekend. I always appreciate the sweet little details my friends and family seem to pay attention to in their guest bedrooms and bathrooms. Nice linens & good shampoo goes a long way sometimes :)
2. Thou shalt (finally) organize thou closet. I loove vintage costume jewelry or a good sale and it seems I am always finding something at a local market or a thrifty store. I might want to buy less (might being the operative word here) if I could figure out how to display what I have in a way that would help me accessorize outfits more easily. This might look organized now, but keep in mind that I am NOT showing you a photo of my walk-in, which is like the land of the lost.
3. Thou shalt set a table that could shame Martha herself. So you frequent Crate & Barrel about as much as you say the word "like" but actually use what you have, like, never. Even if you're having an intimate dinner with another couple, try to make it a point to go all out. Get out the good stuff. Who cares if it's a special occasion? It makes your guests feel special and makes dinner more of an experience. I drink orange juice in champagne flutes for goodness sake. Judge me.

4. Thou shalt thoughtfully accessorize thy books. So, you thought all you had to worry about accessorizing is that pretty little neck of yours. Nopers. Play around with different ways to stack your books, add picture frames and special mementos to bookshelves and pull out books that might look great styled in your living area. And yes, I do read things other than Vogue. Like Cosmo, for instance.

5. Thou shalt actually PRINT thy photos. Guess what? Facebook isn't the only place for displaying your photos! It's a revelation, I know. Don't worry, I'm as guilty as you are. Also I'm a sucker for the classic look of black and white prints, but enough is enough. Time to print in living color. I'm making it a point to actually PRINT some fun friend & family photos, rather than just loading them for the social mediasphere. 

6. Thou shalt embrace PDA. Oh come on, get personal. It's your home, not your office. My husband and I like to frame some of the things we've made for eachother over the years. I love it. It's like being surrounded by a reminder of your love for eachother all the time. Aw.

7. Thou shalt re-purpose thine hand-made gifts. Frame your daughters thank you note, blow up a love letter from your father to your mother, have the lyrics to your favorite song inscribed on a vase. Get creative. My husband cut these hearts out and strung them on our chandelier for me to wake up to on Valentines Day a couple of years ago. I couldn't bare to throw them out so I made them into a framed collage as shown.

8. Thou shalt actually invest in good lighting. I don't know about you, but I am SUCH a hand-me-down lighting person, and its sooo not working now that I am not in college. Who knew? Lighting can instantly change a space, and is one of the easiest ways to drastically improve the look and feel of a room, so I'm on the hunt for mirrored or brass lamps. Brass is back, and mirrored looks super chic. The search is on.
9. Thou shalt add more personal touches. The crest below was designed by my best friend for my husband and I for our wedding. As a gift, she had these pillows made for me, aren't they to die?!? I love how personal they make our living space and am already thinking of more ways to tell the story of who we are as a couple in our decor.

10. Thou shalt bring the outdoors in. Plant something. I say this the photo shown below one of mine? Hecks to the no. I buy flowers from the grocery store just like any other red-blooded, non-nurturing American girl. I can't keep anything alive for the life of me, but if I could, it would def be in pretty goblets like this! I mean adorbs, right??
What do you do in the Spring to liven up your home? I would love to hear your ideas!
kisses! Michelle

The City Girls

And there, in the same city where they met as girls, 
four New York women entered the next phase of their lives dressed head to toe in love. 
And that’s the one label that never goes out of style.
 - Carrie, Sex and the City
Working downtown Chicago definitely has its perks - great restaurants, fabulous boutiques, a lively social scene and stellar city views. But what I love the most is the unique and vibrant people you meet from all different walks of life. Pictured are my two best girls from work, Sarah (center) and Carmen (right). In the short time we've known each other, we've become great friends. Carmen recently left Chicago for St. Louis to pursue other loves. To send her off right, we planned a big surprise party for her and also, with the help my fabulous photographer, set out to get some photos on our beloved Wacker Drive.
Shopping, dancing, champagne, snow storms, handbags, bracelets, boys, cars, gloss, heels, deals, compliments, cupcakes, secrets. ♥

Pictured here in front of The Merchandise Mart, where we work.
So fun!
I The "real" SATC girls ;)
Life is so much better with friends, isn't it?