Rocker Chic

Heart-shaped sunnies, a black jacket, pale skin and lots of buckles. Chic it up with a top knot bun and rock it out with some edgy accessories.

Heart-Shaped Sunnies: Urban Outfitters
Faux Leather Jacket: Forever
Red Dress: Vintage
Leggings: Express
Buckle Shoes: AKIRA Chicago
Spiked Cuffs & Earrings: Forever 21
Handbag: Louis Vuitton
Photography by Nicole Schneider

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Vineyards, Symphonies & Private Planes

Best. Girls Weekend. Ever. I went to visit one of my besties, Toni, in North Carolina for some much needed vacation, girl talk and great wine. Toni recently bought a new house (which is gorgeous), has a new man (which I adore) AND a new private AIRPLANE (which I got to fly)!! That's right, Toni and her pilot boyfriend bought a PLANE together. So you can imagine how much we needed to catch up on and how excited I was to visit! Here's a taste of my journey for a mini mind-vaca for you... :)

This is Toni's new house!!
Just kidding. This is actually the mansion of the first Vineyard Toni brought me to ;) It was incredible!

Meet Toni! Here standing pretty outside of the "Tasting Room" for our first wine tasting. 

Here, our very own wine expert telling us about wine notes, melodies and finishes (blah blah blah). Toni and I do a really good job of pretending like we are expert wine tasters and make up statements like "the bouquet has hints of wild flowers and the finish has a subtle palette of black cherry, but the legs on the wine are magnificent." Yes, we are totally those girls.
And THIS my dear readers, is where we spent an ENTIRE afternoon. I'm talking hours. Deep thoughts, delicious wine, taking in the sun and warm, escaping from the world. It was bliss.

Our table - a perfect day sitting and overlooking the vineyard.
In the evening, Toni took me to a beautiful theater downtown Winston-Salem and we listened to a stunning orchestra perform. 

Toni and her boyfriend Shannon in their sweet new ride!! Baller.

The pilot and co-pilots! :) I must mention here that Shannon actually let me FLY the plane a bit and also let me take off!!  It was such a rush and thrilling experience. I'm a total adventure-seeker so this was right up my alley.

I was going for an old-Hollywood traveling look, I mean come on it was my first flight I had to be stylish!
This is the inside of the private plane Shannon flies for a living. Intense.
 The two little jet-setters. :)

At the close of my trip, the (perfect) couple took me to another quaint Vineyard. The tables were actually made out of the wine barrels, so cute!
SUCH an unforgettable trip, I already want to go back!!  Next time with the other two ladies in our Sex and The City-esque clan, Bethany and Katrina - you were missed my darlings!!


A Style Guide: Parisian Chic

Score some French fashion tips from legendary model and former face of Chanel, Ines de la Fressange. In her upcoming book, Parisian Chic, the style icon shares her lessons learned from everyday French women and their immaculately sophisticated wardrobes. So unless you're lucky enough to be living in Paris, check out these lovely tips from the book before it comes out April 5! I'll be making it a personal mission to use one tip for each of the next 10 days. Then I'll repeat. Like, forever.

J'adore! ♥♥♥
Images via Lonny Magazine

Luck be a Lady

St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time - 
a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic. 
-Adrienne Cook
Don't you just love these oh-so-dreamy photos? I hope your St. Patrick's Day is full of Irish toasts, four leaf clovers and blessings that out number the shamrocks that grow. ♥ Mimi

Under My Umbrella

I've recently teamed up with local Chicago photog Nicole Schneider and here are some outfit photos from a "test shoot" we did after our first meeting.  Nicole has crazy talent, a great eye for fashion shoots and has such great photo styling. The photos we're taken on the spur of the moment shoot in an outfit that I wore to work on a gloomy March day in Chicago. It was raining off and on so we got some fun shots with my umbrella!
This is seriously my new favorite blouse, it's pale pink with a black sash and I absolutely looove the ruffles!
Nude pumps are a girls best friend.
Yes, I jumped in these stillettos. Impressive, no? ;) xxoo
Blouse: H&M
Skinnies: Gap
Heels: Aldo
Bag: Chanel
Photography: Nicole Schneider

CHANEL CONFIDENTIAL: New Chanel Website Announced!

You are going to be SO in love with Chanel's brand new makeup website, Chanel Confidential. Here in this new drool-worthy Chanel hub you can view vids from backstage at the fashion shows, inspiration behind their beauty collections and even download your very own Chanel screen saver. Which I totally did. And you totally must. The website is undoubtedly inspiring to say the least, and just makes me love being a girl that much more. Enjoy the sea of double C's in this video before you go! xoxo

It's My 26th Birthday Today. ♥

Hello lovelies! It's my 26th Birthday today and what an amazing day it has already been. I woke up to dozens of roses, a beautiful hand-made card, Chanel polish, and Audrey book and more! This really is one of those Birthdays that I feel so special and loved from my friends and family and feel so blessed to have such great people in my life. I've decided that 26 is the year that I turn my cant's into can's and my dreams into plans!

A collage of my favorite things from my Birthday morning :)
My sister-in-law Charissa bought me the THE perfect gift, Chanel nail polish! It's the most beautiful pale pink color. The mirrored tray and Audrey Hepburn coffee table book is from my mother-in-law Kristine, love!
....the polish color is called "Ballerina"!! Love love love it.
I also received this "girl with lashes" card, and I found these awesome bracelet cuffs at Forever 21 with my girlfriends to wear at my Birthday celebration this weekend! When I woke up this morning, dozens of yellow and purple roses were there to greet me with a beautiful hand-made card from my husband.  Yellow roses are my fave.
The front of my card. ♥
The inside of the card, so pretty!
The inside of the "inside" card ;) ♥♥♥
Here you can see a better layout of the different "tiers" of the card. I don't know HOW he comes up with these beautiful creations. I love that man.
I also came to work today with my desk decorated with balloons, streamers and pretty little gifts (including a new studded clutch!) thanks to my ah-mazing work friends Sarah, Carmen & Maggie. Muah!!
It's been such an amazing 26th year already, and if this is a peek into what this year will bring I am already looking forward to it. :) xx

AKIRA Chicago Fashion Show - Spring 2011

My bestie Stacey and I attended the AKIRA Chicago Fashion show for their Spring collection, held this year at the beautiful Lyric Opera. The show opened with an opera singer per the venue selection and although it was lovely, it was obvious everyone was ready to get on with the show and see what they really came to Keeping that in mind, lets get on with some photos of mine from the show.

Stacey & I, she is the perfect event companion because she is loud and funny an people love her. She made about 57 new best friends that night.  
One of the photogs we met that night, I WANT his camera.
The row.
Floppy hats, wear them for Spring, they're going to be everywhere and go with everything from casual to dressy day looks.
The man-traveller, chic it up, fellas. Also, put some color back in your murse (man-purse). That goes for you too, ladies.
One trend I am LOVING...socks with sandals. That's right, I said it. Keep up.
Floppy hats, a belted dress, a longer hem and a shorter slit. This Spring, ditch the mini's and opt for a longer hemline with a slit that says "va va voom" when you walk.
Ok boys, put some sheen back in your suit. it looks sleek, sexy and polished.
Flirty girl dresses with a minimalist print and shoulder accents are a must.
The one shoulder. Wether it be a long sleeve shirt, tank, dress, jumpsuit...bare a shoulder. Shoulders are the new cleavage.
Bold prints, bold colors. Don't shy away from stripes, just be sure to wear them in flowey, light garments. No spandex striped dresses need apply.
Rock out the long dresses and plunge that neckline. Boho chic is still in and I'm totally on the bandwagon.
Earthy, angelic, feminine frocks are the ultimate in sophistication for Spring.
The finale.
Joe, the designer and founder of AKIRA and all around nice guy closing his show. What a dream!
What Spring trends are you loving? Happy shopping! xxoo