Have a Magical Monday.

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with live music, long dinners and late evenings. It's Monday again and I love waking up and browsing some of my favorite blogs for pretty little inspirations. Don't you just love it when you read a quote and it just makes you smile?
I love this photograph. So glamorous and dreamy. What's she running from? Or towards? What are you? ♥
Images via This is Glamorous.

Love Lives (x2!)

My husband and I recently celebrated our two year anniversary. It's so hard to believe we've been married two years already, I feel like our wedding was six months ago! It feels like yesterday I was posting about our one year anniversary. I love being a wife and I love being married, I feel very lucky to have Robby.

A view of the book and all of the tiers, magnifique! 
I always tell him he should go into business with all of his beautiful creations. I also made him something for our anniversary this year but am still debating wether I should post because his creations are always so much better! We will see...

By the way, if you are feeling ambitious, feel free to use this post as gift inspiration for your someone special for valentines day ;) Big kisses! xx

The Daughter of a Ballerina

It's my mother's birthday today. She is a woman lovely both on the inside and out and I wanted to dedicate this post to her. My mom was a professional ballerina in her younger years and now focuses her talents at a ballroom studio in Nashville, TN. Growing up, my mom owned a dance studio, so dance has been a big part of my life and ballet one of my first loves. So here's to you, mom. Happy Birthday, I love you.

The first two photos are of my mother and father during one of their recent performances. ♥

Happy Birthday to a beautiful woman.

The best thing about me is you.

I woke this morning, headed downstairs for coffee, and there to greet me was a little bitty black box. Inside were these intricately handmade bright colored flowers from my sweet, sweet husband. I hope your day is filled with little pieces of joy as well. ♥

A Bit of Glamour With Your Morning Coffee

 We all need a bit of glamour on Monday, don't we? Hope you have a lovely week! xx.

The Holiday ♥

OK, I'll admit, I'm still learning when it comes to Christmas decor and entertaining guests. But to my credit I do try. :) I try to make our home classy, cozy and festive over the holidays. I'm not big on Christmas santas and figurines, etc. but I do love adding alot of sparkle and a dash of glamour to our interior during those fleeting months of December/January and wanted to share with you, dear readers!

Our table, ready for NYE guests, the "K" napkins were a gift from my dear friend Stacey, aren't they lovely? Everything on the table is Crate & Barrel, with the exception of the silverware which is Kate Spade.
A closer look at the table, I was so excited to actually "set" a table using champagne glasses! It's the little things that make me happy.
We have an open layout on our 2nd floor (3-level townhome), so the dining room overlooks the sitting area, which I love because it's perfect for entertaining.
The crystals you see hanging are actually not from a chandelier, well, not exactly. I took some white willow branches and strung crystals from them, then I intertwined them in our existing black iron chandelier as you see below for a canopy effect.
The photo really doesn't do it justice, but you can get an idea of what it looks like here.
A view of the crystals. Anything glam goes!
 Louis Vuitton inspired trunks and our Nutcracker guards.
 Another thing I wanted to do this year was to take advantage of our high vaulted ceilings and crate the illusion that giant ornaments were floating above our sitting area. With the help of my 6'2" husband, it turned out amazing and really added a lot of dimension to the room.
The "floating ornaments" which I purchased on sample sale at The Merchandise Mart. At night, they cast spectacular shadows all over the ceilings!
I always put sparkly acorns, disco balls, crystals and ornaments in vases all over the house.
A pile of pretty ornaments! The stars you see are actually hand-made by my husband and I with paper, glue and glitter as an art project we did when we were dating - I couldn't afford a tree right after college, so we made hundreds of stars and he hung them all from red ribbon from my then-apartment in the city. ♥
 I hope this post made your day just a little bit more inspired! Thanks for perusing!
ps- I LOVE my readers. xoxo

Burrrrrrrrrberry Festivities

This was originally supposed to be a post to highlight pretty Christmas gifts, but in going through the pictures, I noticed a reoccurring plaid theme and just had to take it this direction, since this is partly a fashion blog after all and I have such a fashionable family!
My Burberry wrap, a gift form my husband this year...

My husband, opening his gifts.
We had a 10-foot (real) Christmas tree this year, thank goodness for vaulted ceilings (more pics to come)!

Anne, my little Niece in her adorably dainty red peacoat.
Mary Jane shoes for Auntie Mimi and baby Anne for holiday dress-up!
Burberry Brit & London, my go-to scents when I want to cheat on my Chanel Chance ;)
My mother-in-law showing off her Christmas gifts :)

Jack, our nephew enjoying some Christmas fruit in his cute little Burberry sweater.
I hope your holidays were merry and bright! xoxo