Dressing Up The Table

I'm learning that I really love to style things. An outfit, a table, an apartment, a dog, a bed, whatever. I just love it. So when my husband and I decided to host our first annual "Friendsgiving" I think I put 90% of my efforts in how I wanted the table to look and about 10% of my time planning the actual meal. Robby must have been anticipating this, so he kindly instructed me to stop trying to shove the 26lb turkey in the microwave and step away from the kitchen. With 18 guests confirmed, the hardest part was simply fitting everyone on the same table! It was definitely cozy, but I think it came together really nicely. I'll post more pics of the soiree soon but for now here's a peek! x

Click to view my Christmas table, here. Nom nom.

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