Man Cave to Woman Cove!

OMG, you are not going to believe this. So, my husband and I make bets all the time, normally, the stakes are small, like, if you lose you have to do the dishes or something. But THIS time, we decided it was time to raise the bar. Long story short, my husband lost our bet on who was getting kicked off The Bachelor, so I am proud to tell you I get to transform his "Man Cave" (which is really our guest bedroom/walk-in closet) into a WOMAN COVE. Like, I am seriously making the entire room into a CLOSET. Yes, that's right, woman heaven. A real dressing room. We're talking evening dresses as focal points and jewelry as art work. Clothing racks where our flat screen used to be and chandeliers where there used to be viking ships. My husband is weeping as we speak.

I'm inspired.
Mariah Carey
How lovely and unconventional is this??

This room is absolutely DRIPPING with Hollywood Regency, a-dore.

Not big on the colors/wall treatment of this room but I love the mirror and the way they display the shoes!

This room is flawless. And I love the clothing racks in the back, it reminds me of a modeling shoot.

And we all know where this is from :)

If you could transform your guest room into a dressing room what would you include?? Would love to have your ideas! xoxo


Cousin-in-law Carolyn said...

This is so great! Hilarious! I can picture it now. Looking forward to seeing the final product. You have inspired me to add some "glam" to my walk-in. A chandelier would be nice. By the way, what will happen to the viking ship & will you want to keep the flatscren in your new favorite room?

xo ♥ mimi said...

Hi Carolyn! I know, so funny. I still need to see your amazing house I keep hearing about!! As far as the Viking ship...I'm still trying to find a location for all of the "man stuff" haha. Oh and the flat screen, nah, thats outta the dressing room, I'm not a fan of TV, unless it was pink! ;) xoxoxo

byMelody said...

omg. I want them all!! :)

x Melody