A Glamorous Wedding Affair

Photographs from the day I married the man of my dreams, Mr. Robert P. Kraker.
My wedding dress was straight off the Pricilla of Boston runway show, the fabric was DI-VINE and the shape is just classic Audrey Hepburn. After looking at hundreds of gowns in Chicago, I put this one on I started jumping up and down and kept saying "This is it, this is it!"

My father, the first man I ever loved.
The best of the best, right by our side. The best part about the bridesmaids dresses - they had pockets!
The flowers & cake were perfection.
Our invitations, programs & dinner cards all custom made by the ever-talented Katrina Fisher.
The reception venue, The Beachhouse, a restaurant on the lake in my hometown, owned by my uncle who pulled off a flawless affair. 
Instead of giving our guests little gifts, we donated to the charity Compassion International in honor of them.

The canopy of lights.
Our first dance was "Your Guardian Angel" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. We wanted something non-traditional and something that we would have danced to in our living room, just the two of us.
The ice sculpture was breathtaking, keeping the Moet de Chandon, caviar and shrimp chilled.
At the end of the evening, we surprised our guests with fireworks over the lake! Spectacular, spectacular.

For runway views of my wedding dress, visit Pricilla of Boston.
My wedding is also featured on the blog Something Blue, The Knot and Across the Miles. All photos taken taken by Kellie Penn. If you would like to feature my wedding on your blog, please email me here.
Cheers lovies! ♥

Le Blog de Mimi is now on facebook!

Le Blog de Mimi is on facebook! All bloggers, design enthusiasts and fashionistas alike are welcome to post links, pictures and comments, hope to see you there! XOXO

Engagement Photos in the City

My second year anniversary (!!!) is coming up this weekend so I thought it would be appropriate to post some of my engagement pictures, taken in various locations downtown Chicago. kisses!
This photo was taken right on Michigan Ave.
This is on Wacker Drive, where I now work, actually. I love this photo, there is something regal about it.

This photo is pure Chicago to me, the charming sax player in the background, serenading us while we danced. And yes, we were the only ones dancing, so people were staring and my husband was getting super self-conscious and nervous it was so cute!
Robert yelling for a cab. Me hailing one. We often debate who is most effective.
All time fav. Robby picks me up like this often. Telling me I am always "up on his pedestal".
Look at my cute little foot! :)
Boy meets girl ♥
You didn't think I was going to post engagement photos with out showing you the bling, did you?? :) Here is a shot of both of our rings, taken at the wedding by Kelly Penn.
A special thanks to my ever-talented sister-in-law, Charissa, who took these lovely photos.

Attempts At Domesticality: DIY Wine Cork Trivet

For a while now I've been collecting my champagne and wine corks in a glass vase, and although it's very Restoration Hardware-esque to keep them like this as table decor, I've got bigger plans in the works for these fun little guys...
Let me just start by telling you how ridiculous I looked in stilettos, cocktail attire and a sparkly headband at Lowes "Man-Land-Mecca". I was on my way to meet girlfriends...but I needed my clamps, dang it! So anyway, riddle me this: what do you get when you combine corks with plumbing clamps??
Yesssss it's the sexiest hot plate you've ever seen!! And not only is it super cute and original, but will withstand just about any pot or pan you place on it.And more importantly, curious husbands that try to figure out how they can take things apart.
If you're a real wine or champagne connoisseur (which I am so not) this is a creative way to showcase the types of wine's you've been entertaining with. In my case, it's a lovely showcase of all of the wines that have been on sale at Trader Joe's for the past couple of years.
 Here's my new trivet in action. So proud.
Here it is hanging out on it's stove-top digs, along with the ampersand I was telling you about in a previous post that has finally found a place to call home.
Do you have used corks laying around? Check out this link for more fun ideas about how to recycle them, and be sure to let me know if you plan to try this idea...cheers!! xx

Fashionistas Rejoice! Lanvin for H&M

Get ready, get set, affordable luxury is here. Lanvin will be designing an exclusive collection for H&M that will be launching on November 23rd. Ribbons, heels, drapes, jewels and party dresses are arriving just in time for the holidays. ♥
Weird. Fabulous. Sexy. Strange. Luxe.
Check out the Lavin for H&M Fashion Show Vid. Are you into it?

My Very First Blogging Interview!

I am SO excited to have my blog featured for the very first time on Embracing Liberties!! A special thanks to the lovely bloggess, Emily Benson, for writing this feature for her blog in her uniquely witty and quirky writing style which makes just about every post she writes fun to read. Check out the full interview here.