Happy birthday, dream boy.

For Robby's 28th Birthday I decided to get crafty and make him a cute little book, below are a few of the pages I wanted to share. And to make sure that this post hits max-sappiness, you should also know that I titled the book "Reasons Why I Love You" (Awww). My camera is about as great of quality as my handwriting, so I made captions for reference. Also, I'm a really good artist as I'm sure you will agree, so enjoy the stick people ;)

Totally stole these pretty pink ribbons from the handles on a Victoria's Secret shopping bag! You can always count on Victoria.
"I love that my life is fuller & more exciting & more passionate & more spontaneous & more romantic & more of more with you in it."
 "I love that you want me to be the mother of your children. ♥ future mommy.♥"
(not yet though! :)
 "I love how you looked when I first fell in love with you."
 "To me, you are perfect."
 "I love that you tolerate my current celebrity crushes. (although they pale in comparison to you.)" Robert Pattinson in the pic, I am SO team Edward.
 Side note: A man that knows how to sail might be the sexiest thing like, ever.
 "I love it when you try to be sexy but it just turns out to be HILARIOUS." Robby and his brother Richard in Florida, sporting speedos. Yes, speedos. Don't ask.
 "I love that you make me feel like a princess."
"I truly feel like the luckiest girl on earth. I adore you."
Do you have any sweet DIY projects you've made recently? I would love to hear about them...my 2 year anniversary is coming up Nov 15 and I need some romantical ideas!! xoxo ♥

A Glamourous American in Paris

Anne Hathaway is absolute perfection in the November issue of Vogue US. I seriously cannot stop looking at these pictures, shot by the brilliant beyond brilliant Mario Testino. I think I might have been born in the wrong era, because these photos just seem like the kind of glamorous world I belong in. ♥
Anne's features are flawless. I love that she said the photo shoot "was true glamour, not just the clothes and the jewels but that feeling that glamour can produce in you, which is like a dream".
Anne looks spectacular in an Oscar de la Renta gown, posing with French actor Raphaël Personnaz, her co-star in her upcoming film Happily Ever After. 
This is definitely my favorite shot. So classic and beautiful and chic in an Issac Mizrahi dress. This picture is Paris to me.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Anne Hathaway's cover shoot! Can there be anyone more likeable than Anne? kisses xx

Hanging with Vanity Fair & Audrey

So there I was, blissfully reading my Vanity Fair magazine, when it happened.  I actually read the fashion bible and was inspired in a way that, for the first time, did NOT lead me straight to Nordstrom for impulse buying ;) I came across a beautiful ad campaign for Chanel that I thought would look lovely in a three part framed wall series for our house. I carefully tore out the three pages and went straight to Hobby Lobby for some pretty frames and wala! What do you think??
Here are the prints in the frames I purchased. I am still trying to think of the best room to put them in, bedroom, great room, bathroom? I can't seem to make a decision, so I would love your suggestions!  
I also have a few other pieces that are hanging out before I hang them up, here is an ampersand that I thought was darling, and I keep seeing them in interior design projects. I also considered buying the "R" and "M" for Robby and Michelle but I thought it was a bit too much, so I stuck with the "&" which I think is interpretive and a bit more creative by itself. Kitchen placement perhaps?
Audrey Hepburn, love this print. Love her.
Breakfast at Tiffany's, classic. These pretty frames were a gift from my bestie, Toni ♥
Hope you have a happy week!! XO

Only Girl In the World

FASHION. FUN. YOUNG. COLOR. PRETTY. I want to live in this girly world!!

i4Design Magazine Suite Sixteen Party

Over 600 architects and interior designers attended i4design magazine’s 4th Annual Suite Sixteen party at The Wit Hotel, one of Chicago's newest, swankiest rooftop venues. The annual soirée celebrated i4design’s top picks of sixteen architects and interior designers who are making their mark in the industry. It was a lovely evening. The views, the crowd, the magazine - all spectacular. Take a peek at some of the photos from the event!

The Wit Hotel, Chicago
The hotel lobby, LOVE the winged Lusive Décor’s Celeste Chandelier, designed by Cheryl Rowley Design of Beverly Hills.
One of the main staircases in the main entrance.
The rooftop partaaaay.
These white stretched fabric canopy's give the rooftop a super stylish feel. So much better than a boring umbrella!
The fire pit - this is actually a gigantic table with chairs surrounding, makes for beautiful ambiance at night.
Photo by Chris Meza.
These models don't look very happy. I bet a big juicy cheeseburger would turn those frowns upside down. Photo by Chris Meza.
The view. Spectac.

Carmen (my colleague) and I with Stephen, my intern at the time, who doubled as a Pom Martini runner ;) 

Happy Girls

If you observe a really happy woman you will find her pursuing her dreams, making a good home, teaching her daughter something, mentoring a friend, planting a garden, forgiving a flaw. You will not find her searching for happiness as if it were a hair pin that just rolled under the radiator. Happy Friday to all of the happy girls out there. ♥

Lets Romp.

The Romper has it all - versatility, careful tailoring, comfort-ability and a great silhouette. I've been sporting the tank/short rompers for Summer/Spring but here I'm wearing a sleeker, more covered up look.

But don't think for a second that I'll be ditching my beloved Summer rompers just because the temp is cooling down. I'll be bringing them back to life for fall with layers - I'm thinking boyfriend blazers and long, drapey vests.  Also on the hunt for some fun, printed floral tights!
What do you think - to romp or not to romp? ;) xo.
Romper by AKIRA Chicago
Earrings by Forever 21

Design Bureau Magazine Launch Party

Let me tell you, the people at the Design Bureau Magazine not only know how to publish a spectacular magazine, they know how to throw a great party. I attended the event with my fabulous boss, Jeanne and colleague/partner-in-crime Carmen (toasting in the photo below).

It was a super swanky bash, held at the one and only Glessner House Mansion and Museum in Lincoln Park. At the event were creative professionals, style arbiters and industry leaders all there to celebrate the launch of a new magazine that is discovering great design and the people who make it happen. Cheers!

The Day Dress.

Dear Maxi dress,
Thank you for being comfy, stylish, romantic, and flattering just about any figure... just how us girls like our men.

Everyone has been going crazy with Maxi dresses lately, I get so many good ideas about what to style them with when I'm walking in the city. I like to pair mine with a short jacket or a fun belt, but if I'm feeling casual, I wear it alone like you see here. Perfect when I can just slip it on and make it work whether I'm going shopping or going to a wedding. Love it when preggo mommies-to-be wear these dresses, too cute!

Would love to hear your ideas on what you pair with your dresses! Hope you had a lovely weekend! xo.

Dress by AKIRA Chicago
Shoes by BGBC Maxazria
Bracelets by Guess
Need more Maxi? ♥

Photo Shoot - Stephen Alan Salon

Photography by fashion and editorial photographer, Derek Gibbs.

Stephen Alan Salon is owned by two fabulous girl friends, Heather Ramon and Amanda Peterson. This photo shoot was so fun to be a part of, the ladies there are not only crazy talented, but super stylish and really enjoy their work. Heather Renehan was my lovely stylist for the shoot and seamlessly created two looks for me that could not have been more opposite - "1950's Glamor" and "Goth Bride". Hope you like! kisses ♥
Robby also made an appearance at the shoot to do some modeling...these shots were just for fun, although I'm thinking they might be Christmas card material, what do you think? ;-)

The Stephen Alan stylistas! xo.