Attempts At Domesticality: Dinner Parties & Decor

We're big on dinner parties, or rather, I'm big on hosting dinner parties, so we often have friends and family over and I thought I would share a few pics! I am usually not a faux-flower kind of gal, but I found these super cute flower napkin rings on sale at The Merchandise Mart and HAD to buy them, they make our table look so cheery!
On the table - Silverware by Kate Spade; Plates and Wine Glasses by Crate & Barrel; Linen Napkins by Pottery Barn; Candelabras by Z Gallerie
The vintage couch is a heirloom from my Grandmother, we're thinking about reupholstering it in white leather and painting the trim a glossy black. And I'm kindof obsessed with couches at the table, I think it adds drama and glam to any setting.
The "Love" chest shown here is actually a jewelry box that my husband made for me in college and carved all sorts of beautiful flowers and our initials into it before staining the wood. It's one of my most precious belongings so I wouldn't dare keep it hidden in my closet!
The bureau is vintage as well, my husband painted it a glossy white for me to go better with this beautiful mirror I stumbled upon.
My mother bought me these l-o-v-e table toppers, and I adore pretty much anything with the word "love" in it, but I am stumped when it comes to creative things to put in them, but I've also thought about putting them on the wall. Design ideas??
Still looking for a large area rug to replace this zebra one, although I still love animal print rugs so I think I will stick with some sort of vibrant print. I'm also actually in the process of making curtains, that's right, I said MAKING curtains. All of the ones I like are like a gajillion dollars so I'm buying some great fabric and going to town. Promise to post more pics when I get them finished, as long as you promise to lie and tell me they look superbly professional ;)

Paris Fashion Week

Sayanara, September. Fall is now in full swing and it's time for a healthy dose of fall fashion. Below are some candids from the Jak & Jill blog, taken from Paris Fashion Week.

The Black Fedora, a fall staple.
The gold watch. White watches were very chic, but very summer. So go gold, over sized, menswear inspired.
One word: CAMEL. It's going to be everywhere, it's totally the new black.
Roll up your dress pants, ladies. The floods are rising and are fashion forward for fall. If you're daring, play up your dress shoes with thin socks. Tres Chic.
If you only add one item to your fall wardrobe this fall it must be this: the over the knee boot. High or flat, they're a must, and you can wear them with just about anything. The cropped biker jacket, ditto.
Animal print. Wear it sparingly, but definitely wear. Loving her classic red lip and side braid. Gorge.

Mommy in the City!

My always-stylish mom, Meda, flew in from Nashville, TN to see me for a lovely girls weekend that was waaay over due but so worth the wait. The whole weekend was girly, frilly and fun, just the way we like it :)
Both of us are huge Elton John fans...I grew up listening to my dad play the piano and as a little girl you could always find me sitting on the piano bench singing along to songs with him. And as if I couldn't get any more sappy, my dad sang and played the classic "Your Song" to my mother on their wedding day (*swoon*). So it was a given that when Elton John wrote a musical and put it on Broadway, we were so there.
It was a spectacular show, and we actually parked very close to the stage door so we did a bit of "star stalking" and saw Billy Elliot himself, he is such a little cutie pie!
I've always wanted to go to Smith & Wolensky, it's a super classy restaurant right on the river downtown. The movie "The Breakup" was filmed here, you might remember Jennifer Aniston and the Apple Martini date scene ;) So of course we had to sample the martini's...ahh love vaca.
We also went to the CUTEST specialty chocolate and coffee shop in Naperville, IL called "Le Chocolat", they had the prettiest little candies and coffee's, so dainty! 
Looking forward to the next girls weekend, although next time Grams and Kristy must come, you two were truly missed!! xx.

Home Envy - The Founder of Jimmy Choo!

It’s official, I am oozing with jealousy. Tamara Mellon, the Queen of Jimmy Choo-land is living a stylish fairytale and Harper’s Bazzar captured her New York apartment in these glamorous photos. LOOK at that closet – She must have rescued hundreds of orphans from drowning in a previous life.

She has over 1,000 pairs of shoes! 
I need to seriously figure out how to become her bestie.
Her super chic upstairs living room.
Dear God, when I am a mommy, let me look like this. Posing here with her adorable daughter, Minty.
LOVE this print of Grace Kelly, so very Hollywood Glam meets modern fabulosity.
Now THIS is a home office, working from home suddenly has a whole new meaning for me. The legs on this desk are to die.
"Love for eternity" statement art piece in the entryway. Also my feelings exactly about how I will forever feel about this amazing apartment. I will never buy a house if I can get my townhouse to look like this ;) Love love love.

Isn't it lovely to be missed?

Chanel Speaks Fashion Fluently

I had SUCH a fun weekend visiting one of my besties, Lindsay, who is basically the same person as me, but blonde :) We bond over our shared obsession with fashion, fancy restaurants, girl talk and all things Chanel. Linds recently acquired the holy grail of sunglasses (shown below) and when she told me about her purchase I shouted "Congratulations!!" as if she had just told me she was pregnant, or had just climbed Mount Everest.
So naturally, we hop over to heaven (Nordstrom) and you know what happens next. Ummm hello I needed some fall lip colors! I've been inspired lately by alot of starlets and streetlets wearing a bold, red lip. The color I purchased is appropriately called "Excessive".
 I also bought some DI-VINE pink candy colored Rouge Allure in 57 Insolence.
Kissy face! xx
The mayor of splurge-ville? That's right, the Chanel Handbag, modeled here by Lily Allen. Love this ad.
Maybe someday...if not, I'll still enjoy my simple little glossy pleasures.

Destin, Florida 2010

Every other year, my side of the family plans a big trip to Destin, FL and now that all of my boy cousins have grown out of their adolescence (for the most part, HA) not only did we have some really fun times and hilarious moments, but great conversations and lovely sightseeing. At one time I saw 9 dolphins swimming together!! Ahh, vaca.
Hunny on a yacht.
 The Mason ladies!
 Loving life..

Rugged, handsome, yes.
♥ family time :) Wishing my sister, Kristy, and her new husband Jeff could have been there!