Attempts At Domesticality: Spring Festivities

FINALLY. Spring is here! So what now? You go buy a grill, learn how to make kabobs and invite good friends over!! Here are some pics of our beginning of spring festivities in our new place. Its a 3-level townhouse, complete with a clubhouse, workout room, POOL, and an oh-so-glorious deck.

Livations for celebrations. Robby's brilliant grilling for a great night with Stacey and Ryan. He likes to be referred to as the "master chef". The deck! This is soooo getting used this summer. Robert made these precious little hearts out of paper and strung them from our chandelier on valentines day, and I just don't have the heart to take them down :) Homage to our old apt in Lincoln Park. This was my other Valentines Day gift - Mr. amazing sketched a simple portrait of me and had it framed. ♥ LOVE decor, a gift from my mother on my wedding day. Cheers!