Clueless-Style Virtual Closet

OMG OMG remember that scene in Clueless when Alicia Silverstone is trying to decide what to wear and uses a "virtual closet" to try clothes on her virtual self?? Well, lets just say I've always secretly lusted over the idea of a virtual closet and thanks to a super saavy gal by the name of Christine Elia, women everywhere can bring out their inner Alicia.

(Side note: I wore this EXACT outfit in 6th grade. Thank you, Limited Too.)

Christine has built a site called Closet Couture. It's a digital fashion media brand that reaches influential women who love to shop. Members create online closets filled with clothes from their real and fantasy wardrobes. They can peruse other members outfits, shop from their favorite online brands and connect with like-minded fashionistas. Brill.
The only thing that could make this site more amazing is if it came with a closet rotating machine like they use in the Dry Cleaners.

For your viewing pleasure. You know you love it.

I'm still experimenting with my "virtual closet", but you can check out my profile here, and be sure to post a link to your profile in the comments so we can see your fabulous outfits! ♥m


Vintage and Cake said...

It's one of thee best movies, I still can't believe that Brit is gone so sad :(
I wanted that closet, I love when she is sorting through the clothing for the thing at school. Plus clueless made knee high socks hot, I recall running out and buying some from a sex shop, as no where else sold them at the time. hahha great post and cute blog x

Christina said...

I love that move, and the fact she had that screen to choose what to wear. So envy :-)
And I like your blog!

xo ♥ mimi said...

@vintage and cake, I know!! so sad, but clueless is such a classic girlie film, gotta love it! ;)
@Christina, Thanks for the lovely comments, just starting to blog so the encouragement is much appreciated!


That was my favorite scene Ever!))) I watched it million times , still dreaming about computer connected to my closet!lol