one year.

Robby and I have been married for one whole year!! Its been a fantastic year in so many ways. And, you'll be happy to hear I still think Rob is all kinds of awesome and of course he thinks that I am the greatest wife, like ever (naturally, right?). But really, I'm truly am a lucky girl. So here's to our 365th day of marriage: Rob made me a card that had different layers and inside there was a love letter. Then, he read it aloud to me and I MEL-TED. My card for Robby. I also wrote him a love letter as well, but mine had the Beatles backing me up ♥ On our way downtown to the most romantical restaurant ever - Gejas. love love love. Gejas cafe, a super sexy fondue restaurant you MUST try if in Chicago on a hot date.Oh, yes. Did I mention that the hubs got me a Louis Vuitton!?! What a catch that man is. Happy girl!

Attempts At Domesticality: Halloween cupcakes!

It might not be normal to post images of baked treats that one creates, but I was so incredibly proud of myself for these festive treats! Move over, Betty Crocker.