Vieillis avec moi, le meilleur reste à venir. (Grow old with me, the best is yet to be)

I'm noticing that alot of people think that when you get married and have, travels, freedom and love just, well, stops. So whenever I come across a story that contradicts this, its so refreshing. Someone was telling me about this woman and her husband that sold their house and 75% of everything they owned and moved to Paris with their two young sons to live for 6 months. They are both freelancers and are able to work from practically any location so it worked out beautifully for them and they just did it. Amazing. Luckily for me, this girl started a blog to tell everyone about their new life in Paris. I've posted some of her pics.. à cœur vaillant rien d’impossible.
I really love coming across photographs and collages that inspire me, hope you enjoy these :) Happy Friday!

Black Tie Events 09

Robby and I at our first black tie event as a married couple!
The Field Museum, site of the DIFFA gala.
A whole new way to visit the Field Museum.
The only place you can see corporate CEO's doing the disco.
Mart girls :) We had a great evening.

I wish this weekend went on forever.

So we had our much anticipated Girls Weekend 2009 with all of my hometown bestie's and let me tell you, it was a blast!
Some highlights:
-Somehow, I convinced Katrina and Toni that I should color their hair from a box.
-They let me..and lucky for me they look like Blonde bombshells!!
-reviewing embrarrasingly hi-larious scrap book pictures from back in the day.
-listening to Toni telling us of her boyfriends "flaw"
-Good coffee and great convos in the morning with Katrina
-Bethany seeing a sign that said "No Peddling" and she thought it meant no bike peddling.
-..then she saw a sign that said "photo enforced" for traffic and thought it literally meant that you had to get out of your car and pose for a photo or you were penalized by law.
-oh so yummy French Crepes
-We're all very proud of Bethany for not falling in my stairwell, this time.
-picnics and beaches (need I say more??)
I love you girls!! xo.